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Training and certification are provided various times throughout the year in various locations around the world.

When asked to name the top three challenges (in regards to risk management) the largest proportion of executives (47 percent) cite difficulty of understanding the entire risk exposure on a global enterprise basis, and nearly as many (44 percent) see the same problem at the business unit level.

Second, notice that the definitions of risk and threat are symbiotic with two main differences: a threat is indicated as something that can be foreseen and is imminent; a risk is just a probability.Defining the lexicon of the landscape allows us to define risk management and security in the context of the digital environment and determine whether they are different because of this new context or because they have they just been expanded.Therefore, we begin with standard definitions of risk management, risk, security, and threat.Just Google "risk management" and you will have, as I did in July 2013, over 388,000,000 results come up.But most of the models concur on a series of steps that make the process viable and effective.

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Many companies use a series of security and risk management questions to help guide their collection of the needed data. It is in its second edition and a bit on the expensive side ranging from $625 to over $1000 on At a minimum, an audit to gather risk information relating to online and digital activity security should include: The Socially Legal Audit™ (SLA) tool is an instrument developed by Law2sm, LLC ( and Avax Consulting ( to assist a company to ensure that their social media presence and activity is in line with state and federal laws, as well as regulatory compliance.

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